How To Play Pokémon GO On Android And PC
Written by Admin on October 19 2019

The much awaited augmented reality game Pokémon GO is finally here! The game is now available on iOS and Android. The game is available in the Google Play Store only in some select countries, but users from other regions can install the game by downloading Pokemon GO APK. In this Pokemon GO Guide, we will tell everything that we know about this new augmented reality game and how to play Pokemon GO. Excited? So are we !

Pokémon GO Guide This post will cover:
  • Getting started and catching your first Pokémon
  • Character XP and levels
  • Pokéstops
  • Your Pokédex
  • The shop
  • Powering up and evolving your Pokémon
  • Items
  • Eggs
  • Pokémon Gyms

Why wait? Get started and catch your first Pokemon! This new augmented reality game begins with you as a level one male or female trainer. Pick male/female trainer. Then you are required to customize and name your character. Once you have completed this, you’ll be shown your first Pokémon on the world map! Exciting, isn’t it?! All you have to do now is to touch the Pokémon and attempt to catch it! Brings back memories of Harry Potter Quidditch! You’ll need to use your finger to throw a Pokéball at your target. You’ll see it has a large red ring around it. Inside the red ring is a smaller green ring. Aim for the green ring, as it provides XP bonus. When you catch a Pokémon you will get Candy and Stardust, both used to power up Pokémon. Awesome! Candy can also be used to evolve your Pokémon. You won’t have to worry about a Pokémon escaping from a Pokéball once inside, at least initially. It’s yours, for now. On the catch screen, hit the camera button in the bottom right (highlighted in the pic above in yellow) to take a photo! How cool is that!

Character XP and Levels: Everything you want to know Although your character starts as a level one trainer, you can very quickly level him/her up. And how exactly do you level up? By catching Pokémon AND also by checking into Pokéstops! More details about this later.

Every action has an XP associated with it. XP increases as you perform each of the following Here’s what each action is worth

  • Any Pokémon you catch gives you +100XP
  • Catching a new Pokémon gives you +500XP. Wow! Catch as many new Pokémon as you can!
  • Curveball Pokéball throw gets you +10XP
  • A nice catch earns you +10XP
  • A great catch earns you +50XP
  • Spinning a Pokestop gets you +50XP

Wish to see how you’re progressing? Click on your trainer’s photo on the bottom left of the game’s main screen. You can also check your journal and view your medal progress. Initial levels require 4,000 XP each. You can begin using Pokémon Gyms after hitting level 5.


Pokéstops are represented on your map as a blue point with two squares. They fetch you XP as well as gear. When you’re close enough to a Pokéstop in the real world, it expands and shows a Pokéball symbol. Spinning the stop’s circular icon offers new Pokéballs, eggs and other items. To keep catching Pokémon, you’ll need those Pokéballs! Recently accessed Pokéstops will appear purple on the map. When purple, they won’t offer up new items. Wish to see all the Pokémon you’ve caught? Head to your Pokédex! Click on the center Pokéball icon on the main map screen. You can now open your Pokédex which shows all the Pokémon you’ve caught so far. Head straight to the Shop to exchange stuff! To head to the store, go via the center Pokéball icon. You get to exchange Pokécoins for Pokéballs, incense, eggs and more. Installing a Pokémon at a Gym lets you earn in-game Pokécoins and allow you to collect, every 21 hours, resources from that defensive position. If you choose to buy them instead, it costs you a few dollars. Powering Up and Evolving your Pokémon You can go to your Pokémon via the center Pokéball icon on the main map screen You can do a variety of things by clicking on a Pokémon Rename your Pokémon by clicking the pencil icon. Click “Power Up” to power up the Pokémon. Evolve your Pokémon by clicking on “Evolve”. But this requires a lot of Candy. See Pokémon’s attacks and where you caught it by scrolling down. Transfer the Pokémon back to Professor Willow (scroll down).


One way of going to your Items is via the center Pokéball icon. You can then check and use a number of items, such as – Potions: Can be used to restore 20HP to a Pokémon that’s taken a beating at a gym. Pokéballs: How many you have to catch for more Pokémon. Revive: To revive a fainted Pokémon. Restores half the Pokémon’s XP. Incense: To lure wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes.


The eggs that you’ve uncovered at Pokéstops can be accessed from the Pokémon area. Now that you have uncovered eggs, it’s time to incubate and hatch them! Click on an egg. It show you how far you’ll have to walk to hatch it. To put the egg in an incubator, click on Start Incubation. Get walking! The starter Incubator only lets you incubate and hatch one egg at a time, though it has infinite users.

Pokémon gyms

You can head to Pokémon Gyms after you hit level 5. You can choose from one of three teams before you battle. You can install yourself as the gym’s leader when you find a gym empty. This pits your best Pokémon against other real life players! If you go to a friendly gym — one the same colour as your team’s — you’ll be able to train with that Leader. If you go to an occupied gym of a different colour to your team — red or blue if you’re yellow, as an example — you’ll be able to fight that Leader. Click on the punching glove to the right to auto-select your strongest Pokémon to fight with.

To attack, tap your opponent. Swipe left or right when fighting to dodge attacks. Winning a gym battle will earn you XP. You’ll earn gym prestige if you’re in control of a gym. You’ll decrease its prestige if your team isn’t in control of that gym. In the image below, the gym has 2,000/4000 prestige. You will level the gym up once you go over 4000 prestige. You can also assign one of your Pokémon to support the gym if your team is in control of the gym! Read our introductory Pokemon GO Gym guide for more info.

Enjoyed reading this post? What are you waiting for? Play this new augmented reality game and share any info that we may have missed in the comments section! Go Pokémon GO!!